Winter Desert

Today Minnesota pulled out of the deep freeze we’ve been in. We’ve seen  a couple cold months. Today, the high (where I live) was 30 degrees. Yes, that was warm in comparison to recent sub-zero temps! The winter landscape reflects the season. Cold. Bare. Snowy. Beautiful. 

A snowshoeing outing was on the schedule and it wasn’t disappointing. Mark and I walked through the woods. He did most of the trail blazing. I did a bit. Whew! Deep snow! It was a good workout.

We walked to the wood duck box near a wetland/pond to the north. It was too high for me to peer inside the box so I put my phone into the hole and took a photo. Sure enough, feathers amid the wood chips. Last year there were likely wood ducks babies in there! 

I can’t wait to see if any ducks nest there come spring and summer. I missed them last year. I’ll be more vigilant. 

Heading home, I marveled at the field covered in deep snow. There were dry leaves blowing about, tiny snowballs that left tracks (blown by the wind), and a sparkling surface like a million stars. I love how the sunlight makes the snow sparkle!

It all reminded me of a desert. I was inspired to poetry.

Winter Desert

Tumble leaves whirl

Over glimmering crust of

Wind-made dunes

On barren expanse

O waterless earth!

O lifeless ground!

You lie torpid beneath

The winter desert