Treasures in the Yard

I enjoyed several treasures in the yard yesterday; I was outside picking up sticks. It has been a windy summer (on and off) and, consequently, there have been a lot of sticks and branches that need to be picked up prior to mowing the grass. I admit I did more exploring of interesting nature things than getting the sticks picked up. But hey, nature calls and I’m inclined to answer!

A big part of my work is with nature. Nature writing & ecotherapeutic nature guiding take up much of my time. The best part is how my mind has become trained to observe nature in a more determined way and how my relationship with nature has grown.

Yes, I have a relationship with nature. I liken it to other relationships. The more time spent together the deeper the relationship will be. I have come to depend on nature for many things: relaxation, enjoyment, comfort, escape… and I do my best to give back by caring for the world around me. I’m positive I have more work to do in the relationship than nature does.

A fun part of my job is in nature guiding, teaching others how to let Mother Nature be a therapist and nurturing presence. Noticing small things is a big part of my coaching. That’s exactly what I was doing when I was supposed to be picking up sticks. Noticing small things. They are oftentimes the most overlooked and the most interesting. Take a look…

Lovely purple mushroom caps
I think colorful mushrooms are beautiful (though poisonous)
Funky looking fungus
Spiky mushroom the size of my fist
Perhaps the world’s smallest frog
I can see you…
Wild turkey feather
Bald Eagle feather
Little lovely flowering weeds
Hmm… I wonder what was digging