Spring Creeping In Slowly

Spring has been creeping in slowly this year. May 1 and the ice isn’t out. In Minnesota, ice out dates vary throughout the state. Some lakes in the southern and central part of the state have been open for days or weeks. In the bottom portion of northern Minnesota (where I am) the ice is hanging in there.

There’s a floating island of ice pushed up against the eastern shore of the lake I live on. It is going to spend the night, I think. At first, this morning, it seemed the broken ice was going to be melted by today’s rain. The temperature didn’t get out of the 40s though, and the sun didn’t make a showing.

I walked to the shore to check out the floating ice sheet. Still pretty big. But I don’t think it will withstand a sunny day, especially if it’s coupled with a warm temperature. My jaunt to the shoreline was rainy and windy. I considered the ice for a brief time and retreated indoors where it was warm and dry.¬†As long as the ice is melted in time for fishing opener (May 14) it will be okay (as if we have a choice).

I was out for a longer walk in the rain a few days ago. I encountered a salamander on a sandy road. It was chilly out and I was surprised to see the critter. I know it’s time for them to be out of hibernation, but it has been such an unusually cold spring I find myself being surprised by some of the tell-tale signs of a new season.

Spring brings salamanders out of hibernation

Like the salamander, spring has been creeping, creeping ever so slowly. I squatted down to look at the slimy little fella. It did not seem affected by my presence. I walked on, pleased at the salamander and what it told me. It said, “Spring is here.”