Organized Mind (OM)

What is one thing we all have in common? Stress! Too much of our time is spent in “fight or flight” mode. It is a stress response. Our minds are cluttered with problems and worries. 

It is time to deal with everyday stressors.

It is time to deal with the aftereffects of COVID.

It is time to organize our thoughts by learning to reduce and manage stress. 

It is time to heal.

It is time for Organized Mind!

About Darla Swanson of Organized Mind

Darla is a Stress Reduction Coach, helping others improve wellness through three simple, effective, and accessible tools: breathwork, expressive writing, and nature connection.

The three tools represent three collective decades of Darla’s education, work, and passions.

As a certified YOGABODY® Breathing Coach, Darla provides practical instruction to others, so they are equipped to practice independently.

With a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Minnesota, she has worked to develop effective journaling methods, including TELL, an expressive writing method for releasing stress and trauma. TELL is taught exclusively at Organized Mind.

Also, an Econova Leaders Ecotherapy Guide, Darla takes her passion for nature and helps others develop and nurture a deeper connection with nature to promote wellness. She developed the therapeutic 3X3 Nature Connection Model, also exclusive to Organized Mind.

Health & Wellness: In addition to the above education, Darla has completed continuing ed in the Science of Well-Being from Yale University, anatomy of breathing coursework, and general coaching skills. Over 25 years of experience with expressive writing; 20 years of experience with breathwork; 20+ years as a nature researcher and writer, and a life-long nature explorer and enthusiast!

Professional Trainer: Darla is a master trainer who has over 30 years of experience as a small business and corporate trainer, including training specialist for the United States Postal Service. 

About Organized Mind

The core and effectiveness of Organized Mind (OM) is in three tools used to promote wellness and reduce stress:

  • Breathwork
  • Expressive writing
  • Nature connection

These three tools will work to heal your mind – your inner person. Your mind impacts your physical and mental wellbeing. Nurturing it through routine positive activities can impact your physical and mental health.

A healthy mind is vital to your overall wellness.

Practicing the tools will work to organize your health from the inside out, reducing stress and increasing internal order. As a result, your mind will become clearer, calmer, and more organized.

An organized mind is a healthy mind!

Remaining in the stress response can result in:

  • Work burnout
  • Low morale
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low productivity
  • Increased illness
  • Sleeplessness

OM tools are scientifically proven to help:

  • Slow heartrate
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve sleep
  • Aid in digestion
  • Calm the mind
  • Balance the nervous system
  • Increase energy
  • Improve mood
  • Promote overall wellness
  • Reduce stress

Breathwork for Wellness

Yoga breathing is also called belly or diaphragmatic breathing. It is simple and effective. Darla teaches three categories of breathwork for daily use. Benefits of breathing exercises come with less than 15 minutes of practice per day.

Breathe your way to better health!

Expressive Writing for Wellness

It is documented by top scientists at reputable institutions (like Harvard University) that expressive writing helps release past and present issues that cause negative emotions, aids healing from traumatic experiences, and calms the mind. Expressive writing is taking ownership over your life story.

Expressive writing helps you leave past issues behind! Own your story or it will own you!

Nature Connection for Wellness

We are each born with an innate connection to nature. Rediscover your inner child by reconnecting with nature in a way that will improve emotional and physical wellbeing. Ecotherapy is an effective way to release stress while enjoying the outdoors. Nature it the therapist!

Explore! Discover! Enjoy! Be a kid again!

Organized Mind for Wellness

Wellness is a popular issue right now. That is a good thing! The right time for self-care is now. It right time to invest in health and wellness is now.

At OM, wellness is never taken for granted or made inaccessible. It is not financially out of reach. It is not complicated! Anyone can benefit from breathing, writing, and connecting with nature. It need not be complicated or expensive.

OM is committed to providing simple and enjoyable tools that can easily become incorporated into your life.

Learn. Practice. Live your life well!

Client Testimony

The Stress Reduction Coaching course gave me several new ideas and tools that have helped me reduce stress and worry in my life. I have never used creative writing as an outlet for stress and found it intimidating. Darla helped by simplifying the process and making it accessible to me.  The very next day after taking the course, I went on a nature walk and experienced it in a new, exciting way.  All the techniques I learned will be helpful to me for moving forward. ~Colleen M

Workshops and coaching sessions for employee groups or open-to-the-pubic will guide you through stress-reduction tools. Options:

  • 1-hour yoga breathing class teaching vital breathwork for improved overall wellness. Schedule a private class or visit Uplifted Wellness Studio (located in Crosby, Minnesota) to sign up and join an open to the public class; scroll to “Find your wellness class now” and “SIGN UP FOR CLASS HERE” to find an Organized Mind Yoga Breathing Class
  • 1.5-hour onsite workshop with practical application and practice of all three tools (schedule as a stand-alone workshop or add follow-up breathwork sessions)
  • 1.5-hour onsite workshop with 30-minute overview of all three tools and 1-hour guided breathwork coaching for stress reduction
  • 2-hour workshop at the Northland Arboretum in Brainerd, Minnesota that includes a 45-minute presentation on all three tools and a 1 plus-hour guided ecotherapy nature walk (inclement weather results in ecotherapy session indoors)

Client Testimony

Recently I attended an Organized Mind workshop focused on stress reduction which was facilitated by Darla Swanson. I found the topic to be very relevant given the current state of our world, and quite frankly, life in general. I found Darla to be an excellent facilitator by pulling her audience in through personal story-telling, meaningful research, and her focus on simple techniques to improve our lives.

In my last role at Target Headquarters, I led the Leadership Training and Development team for our HQ and Global team members. That said, I was impressed with Darla’s skills as she built interest, engaged the audience in practice and looped back to key take-aways. I can inform you that I have been experimenting with these new learnings and I’m delighted that I have had some early successes. Darla made it easy for me to build routines which made space for these new breathing exercises and simple steps to recall and put concepts into practice. I was surprised at how much I remembered from her session, and honestly, I attribute that to Darla’s holistic learning approach and engaging style. ~Cinda J

It is time to deal with everyday stressors and the aftereffects of COVID.

It is time to heal.

It is time for Organized Mind.

An organized mind is a healthy mind!


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