One With the Woods

I wish I could walk in silent footsteps as a weightless creature that dwells deep in the trees — paper birch and spruce and sweet sugar maples.

I’d step soundless before dawn or after dusk to see what was moving about amid the forest with its changing hues and tender breeze. When I encountered creatures of the morning and creatures of night they wouldn’t notice me, though I walked near enough to touch them. I’d watch them and offer no harm. Curious eyes beholding their role in dens and webs and hollows.

The living things — trees, plants, animals — would steal me away from work and noise, traffic and strife that invade my mind and rob peace. At last, I’d find my soul filled with portions of pleasing scenes and starry skies or sunny lights brushing the forest floor.

I wish I could walk quietly, so quietly that nature didn’t think me displaced amid her beautiful life. Then, my human soul and littered mind would be fully present and calm and at ease. And I would belong solely to the woods.