About Darla Mae

With over 30 collective years of business, training, coaching, writing, and seeking wellness, Darla Mae Swanson offers professional Wellness Coaching/Stress Reduction and writing services.

She has a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Minnesota. She has been published in many newspapers and magazines. Her knowledge of grammar and ability to write creatively has been valued through her writing projects, including website copy and many publications from curriculum to eBooks.

Darla is a certified Ecotherapeutic Nature Guide, helping others reconnect or deepen their connection with nature. This form of therapy reduces stress, is calming, and boosts creativity. Darla Mae has been passionate about nature since her youth and loves to camp, hike, fish, and spend a lot of time in the woods.

A certified Yoga Breathing Coach, Darla adds this expertise to her repertoire of wellness tools. Breathwork is vital for wellness and she has coached countless people in yoga breathing for stress reduction and better health.


How do I contact you for a coaching/training session?

For coaching/training with employee groups or as a public event (yoga studio, chiropractic office, etc.), go to my CONTACT page and click on the email link. I regularly check my emails and typically respond within a day. You are also welcome to text me at 218-851-8142. I don’t answer calls from unknown numbers but will respond to your text. If you prefer to call, leave me a voice message.

What is your fee for a coaching/training session?

Fees will be set as soon as we determine your specific needs. If you provide your email (visit CONTACT page), I will send you workshop options that includes basic fees. Some sessions are a flat rate while others are per person. You will know the fee(s) involved prior to a contractual agreement. Contact me for a free consultation or to answer any further questions you have.

What is your fee for writing services?

My fees are based on industry standard. The size of your project, type of copywriting, and complexity will be factored into pricing. I can provide a quote when you CONTACT me for a free consultation. You will know the fee(s) involved prior to a contractual agreement.

What kind of turnaround time can I expect for writing services?

It will depend upon your project. Most projects take several days, depending on the topic. We will review your project and agree on a deadline together.

Do you format, design, or post the writing project for me?

I do not. I am a copywriter, which means I provide the written piece and you take it from there. Rest assured, I provide proofread copy that is creative, researched, fact checked, and compelling.