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Creative Nature Writing

Welcome to my adventure in nature writing! I am mainly passionate about two things: nature and writing. I’ve been privileged to have had opportunities to enjoy the world without walls in many forms – from the ocean to the mountains, woods, and prairies. I love what the natural world provides for enjoyment and exploration.

Join me outside, where a world of flora and fauna awaits!

I’d love to help you with your next nature writing project, whether it is personal (a poem of tribute for that nature-loving person in your life), for your website (a blog about something from the natural world), or for a periodical (feature article for newspaper or magazine). I have decades worth of experience in exploring and writing about nature.

My education and experience have afforded me the necessary skills to write effectively and creatively.

  • B.A. in English from the University of Minnesota
  • Certified proofreader/copyeditor
  • Certified copywriter
  • Certified creative writer
  • Journalist
  • Writing and grammar teacher
  • Creator and publisher, educational materials
  • Feature writer
  • Nature columnist

My time engaged in outdoor activities, exploration, and observation (along with a whole lot of research) has given me a knowledge of plant and animal life.

Rough timeline of outdoor adventures:

  • Age zero: started camping (with my parents, of course)
  • Age 1: learned to hold a cane pole
  • Age 2: learned to fish
  • Age 3: learned walk through the woods
  • Age 4: began berry picking in the woods
  • Age 5 – 55: grew more and more in love with the woods, water, mountains, prairies…

Most recently, I have generated a weekly nature column, published in the Crosby-Ironton Courier, for over six years. Outdoor adventures – fishing, hiking, kayaking, foraging in the woods, bird watching, etc. – provided me with writing material. Nature never runs out of things to see, explore, observe!

It’s simple: I love nature!

Check out the Inquiry Form for your next nature writing project! Oh, and I have a fantastic guarantee for you. If I don’t deliver the finished product by our agreed upon deadline, the final 50% payment due for my services will be waived. Yeah, you heard me write. Er… right.